Hi, my name is Charlotte. Welcome to my social network.

[If you feel like it, you can say hello in a British accent to make me feel at home and to make you sound fancy.]

I created this portfolio to invite friends, family, prospective employers and co-workers to see some of my work throughout my professional career. A British, New Zealand and U.S. citizen, my travels continue to inspire me and are reflected in my work. I am a growing, excited and driven young professional eager to inspire others and create ideas that move people.

The down and dirty: I’ve ridden a cow and hand-fed a rhino. I’m terrified of heights but thrilled by jumping out of planes. I practice the art of yoga to ward off stress and am recently addicted to running. I am also an enthusiast, big thinker, emerging leader and fake accent connoisseur. If you would like to know more, just ask.

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